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Snow Blower – Product Review

I’ve had the pleasure of shoveling snow. I don’t recommend it, neither does my back. I do recommend a snow blower for anyone who lives anywhere where there’s a possibility of a white Christmas. They are not cheap, but it’s worth saving up for this must have.

The only thing I hate more than shoveling snow, is scraping off the windshield. It usually takes forever, the only good thing about it was the heater was usually warmed up by the time I had finished scraping the car.

If you’re in the market for a snow blower, we have taken the top 5 on Amazon. They were chosen from Amazon’s top list, so they have the most interest of shoppers. Ratings are from product owners and the number of ratings is not consistent among products. The ratings should not be discounted, or the leading topic to base purchasing on.

Options to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Snow Blower

Not all snow blowers are equal, in quality, and definitely not in price. Varying options among snow blowers include:

  • Power Source/volt
  • Throwing Distance
  • Clearing Area
  • Price
  • Rating


EGO Power+ SNT2102


Battery power source

35′ snow throw distance

clears 21″ w 8″ inches deep


4.4/5 (960)

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18


Battery power source

30′ snow thrower distance

clears 18″ w 10″ inches deep


4/5 (3,912)

Snow Joe SJ623E


Battery power source

25′ snow throw distance

clears 18″ w 10″ inches deep


4.3/5 (5,585)

Snow Joe SJ627E


Battery power source

25′ snow throw distance

clears 22″ w 13″ inches deep


4.2/5 (3,881)

Greenworks Pro 80V


Battery power source

x snow throw distance

clears 20″ w 10″ inches deep


3.8/5 (2,699)


The top manufactures are EGO Power, Snow Joe, and Greenworks snow blowers. There are 3 versions of the Snow Joe products, with the higher priced machines being the EGO Power and Greenworks snow blowers.

Power Source/ Volt

With technology advancing, the majority listed here are electric snow blowers, instead of being gas powered. But, the power is only as good as the volt it’s able to produce, a slow powered snow thrower makes for a long session. The snow blowers on the list range up to 56 volts. Considering the batteries, the range is between 2 Ah and 5 Ah. The 5 Ah battery packs about double to power of a 2 Ah. The lower the battery, the less run time at higher volt levels. Each unit comes with batteries and charger.

Snow Throwing Distance

One of the magical things about the snow blower is the throwing distance. For kids they’ll want to dance under this arc and catch snow on their tongues. For practical adults you’re looking at how high, and where is this snow going to land? And how much of an encumbrance will it be in this new area? The range here is 25′ to 35′.

Clearing Area

There are 2 measures that are considered here, how wide and how deep. For folks in high dump areas consider snow throwers with a larger depth. The range here is from 8″ to 13″. The width is the how much space the snow blower will clear in 1 round. The wider the blade, the shorter the job.


Once you decide what parameters your snow blower needs are, the next consideration is cost. The units here range from $159 to $649. I usually go for a mid range machine, you do tend to get what you pay for. The cheapest machine in the table has the most reviews. It’s possible that more people have rated this because the price enticed them to purchase, however, its rating is average.


When comparing ratings consider the number of people who have supplied a rating, then consider the rating itself. The more ratings supplied, the more true to value the rating is. The Ego Power machine has the least amount of ratings at 960, and yet, it has the highest rating. Of the ratings here, it is the one that I distrust the most.

The machine that you’ll most likely get the best bang for your buck is the Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18.

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