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Reduce Your Waste and Increase Positive Agricultural Practices

Sustainable agriculture is growing in popularity, and there’s a reason why. The practice of sustainable agriculture is all about meeting the world’s food and textile needs without compromising future generations. That’s specifically looking at food production, what type of food is produced, transportation of products, product packaging and the like.

Tips of Sustainable Agriculture


Get into the habit of creating and utilizing your own mulch. This includes providing space to create your mulch and using the mulch instead of purchasing fertilizer. You can also learn how composting plays into mulching.

Crop Rotation

A prime idea of sustainable agriculture is crop rotation. If you are planting directly into the ground consider utilizing crop rotation, or changing up where and what you grow. The benefits here include retaining soil fertility. Keeping the same plants in the same soil requires the same nutrients from the soil, depleting the same nutrients over time. Changing the crops also changes the nutrients required. In most cases this allows the depleted nutrients from the previous year to replenish while other nutrients are being utilized.

sustainable agriculture

No Till Farming

Basically, no till farming is not disturbing the soil. The benefit of no till farming in sustainable agriculture is increased water infiltration, reducing soil erosion. The idea is to reduce water runoff, which takes microorganisms along with it, reducing what is left in the soil.

Harvest to Table

All of this can be done on the small scale as well as the large scale. It can be done in a small garden in the backyard or in a garden box. Using these practices will increase the bulk of your harvest, but also your harvest as well.

Be more specific in what you plant. Every year more and more edible food goes to waste. In order to reduce food waste, be more particular in what you plant and who you’re planting for. For instance, a common plant planted each year that produces well are squash and zucchini. Try to only plant if this is something that you’ll eat without excess going to waste. Maybe share harvest with a neighbor.

My favorite benefit of having a harvest is eating it. There are a lot of different recipes out there to help you change up the way your veggies are prepared and what you can pair them with to create volcanos of flavor and nutrition.

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“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”
~ W.E Johns