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Learn how to care for azaleas along with its history and classification details.

how to care for azaleas

Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Soil Type: Acidic
Sun Exposure: Partial sun, shade
Annual or Perennial: Perennial
Type: Tree/ Shrub/ Vine

History: The azalea got its name from a Swedish botonist, Carl Linnaeus, in the 18th century. Azalea originates in Greek meaning “dry”, and these flowers thrive in dry soil.

how much do i water azaleas

How to Care for Azaleas

How do I plant azaleas?

Azaleas can either be planted through seeds or as an existing plant. Dig a hole that will cover the existing roots. Once you dig the hole, fill it with a 50/50 blend of existing soil and Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Trees & Shrubs. Once planted, gently tamp the soil and water thoroughly.

When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant azaleas is in spring or early fall.

How do I propagate azaleas?

Species azaleas can be grown from seed. But, to propagate cultivars, taking cuttings is the best option.

Can I grow azaleas in a pot?

Yes, you can grow azaleas in a pot.

How much should I water azaleas?

Azaleas should be watered twice a week.

Do I need to fertilize azaleas?

Yes, you should fertilize azaleas frequently.

When does azaleas bloom?

Azaleas will bloom from spring, summer, to fall.

Should I plant any companion plants?

Azaleas grow well with ferns, wild ginger (Asarum), Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum), hosta (Hosta), toad lily (Tricyrtis).

What are the health benefits of the azaleas?

Azaleas are said to be able to help with treatment of arthritis, caries, itch, maggots and traumatic injuries.

What are some special features?

Azaleas are known to attract birds.

Azaleas Meaning

These flowers have often been known for a malevolent symbol, particularly as a death threat. These flowers can also symbolize family or familial duty, or wealth and elegance, or abundance, or feminine beauty and developing passion. Maybe be specific in your intentions when sending these to someone else.

how to grow azaleas
how to water azaleas
The sweet smell of the South, of camellias and azaleas, cling to Beaufort’s ancient and historic buildings.

~ Walter Cronkite

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