10 Irresistible Car Decor Christmas Ideas

Christmas Decorations for the Car That Bring a Smile

Simple, Bright, and Fan Favorite Ideas

You need a little Christmas, right this very minute, candles in the corner, antlers out the car windows…Yes, I said it. You need some car decor Christmas ideas. You spend a lot of time in your car getting here and there and doing your Christmas shopping, keep the spirit of the season alive and festive in the coche.

Car Decor Christmas Ideas

Santa Hat Head Covers

To start your car Christmas decoration inspiration are these Santa hats. They cover the head rests in your car, offering you festive protection of the neck and spine. This set also comes with a handy dandy steering wheel cover, keeping your hands warm while you’re out and about.

Car decor christmas
Christmas car decor

Car Antlers

Hitch up your Rudolph to create your sleigh ride. The combination of antlers and the red nose are easy to install, and honestly, make people happy when they see you coming.

Candy Cane Car

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter than Rudolph, you can dress your ride with these candy canes. You can get versions of the candy canes that light up if that is more your style.

Nightmare before christmas decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Car Seat Covers

If you are looking for festive seat covers, or just seat covers in general and are a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, check out these seat covers. You’ll be festive for Halloween & Christmas and enjoying Jack & Sally all year long.

Christmas Lights

You can also light up the inside, or outside of you car with these waterproof sting lights. These lights are battery operated, so you will have to remember to turn them on and off to save battery.

car christmas decor

Light up Wreath

My favorite of the car Christmas decorations is the wreath on the grill. This wreath is festive, easy to fix to the front of your car AND lights up.

The Grinch Riding Shotgun

This is one of the new clever ideas, it’s the Grinch as a blow up riding shotgun! You’ll be sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces when you pull up. He can serve as a funny decoration, or tell everyone just what your attitude for the holiday is.

grinch christmas decorations
Elf movie christmas decoration

Buddy the Elf Riding Shotgun

Another spin on the blow-up is Buddy the Elf riding shotgun. He is just so much fun at Christmas! And just think, you get to take him evrywhere with you. He’s going to be a riot at carpool pick-up.

Buddy the Elf Waving

You can also get Buddy the Elf on your back window waving. How does he wave you ask? His arm is attached to your back windshield wiper. If you’re a fan of the movie you’re going to love this on the back of your car, or seeing. it drive by. It’s also another reason to run your back wipers.

car christmas decoration ideas
car christmas decor

Snowball Fight

Another fun wiper attachment is this snowman with a snowball. If it were a real snowball fight it would be a great opportunity to stop short and scare the person behind you.

Whatever your Christmas decorations for the are, there are a lot of options to choose from. There’s an added bonus that any of the decorations you choose you will bring a smile to all the faces you pass by.

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