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What to Look for in an Air Compressor Before Purchasing

Product Review

We have compiled the top selling air compressors on Amazon and created this air compressor review. Now that you’re in the market, or maybe just window shopping, there are some things to consider while you’re looking at different air compressors.

Why an air compressor? They come in dead handy, and have multiple uses, they can be used with air pressurized tools, inflation, blow cleaning, and air brushing. Whatever you current, or future needs there are multiple options to choose from, and multiple shops to check out.

If you’re looking at Amazon specifically, here are the top sellers in the air compressor category. What I like about shopping on Amazon is the free shipping and the return policy, but always double check the return policy, sometimes they can get you. These air compressors are going to be compared by product features, ratings, and price.

What to consider in your air compressor review

For these air compressors you should consider the following:

  • Pressure & Uses
  • Capacity & Recovery
  • Portability & Power Source
  • User ratings

Amazon Air Compressor Products

Craftsman Air Compressor

air compressor review buy an air compressor

150 psi max

6 gallons

32.5 lbs


4.7/5 (16,673

Bostitch Pancake

air compressor review

150 psi max

6 gallons

29 lbs


4.7/5 (6,728)

Dewalt Pancake

Air compressor review
165 psi max

6 gallons

30 lbs


4.7/5 (4,259)


air compressor review
150 psi

20 gallons



4.4/5 (306)


Air compressor product  review

2 gallons

44 lbs


4.8/5 (946)


Pressure & Uses

For the air compressor review we are going to start with “pressure and uses”. As previously listed, some of the uses an air compressor would be suited for include: air pressurized tools, inflation, blow cleaning, and air brushing. Depending on what you will require the compressor for will depend on the amount of pressure specific tools will require. Pressure available on these 5 air compressors ranges from 150 to 165.

Capacity & Recovery

Capacity defines the amount of pressurized air that each machine holds and can utilize. Depending on what your needs are, you will need higher capacity availability. Once the capacity has been used, the machine enters the recovery stage and will then pressurize another round of air, which means the compressors are meant to compress, hold and expel air and does not consistently replace used air. This comes in to play when you are using the compressor to inflate.

The capacity of each of these machines ranges from 2 gallons to 20.

Portability & Power Source

Will the compressor fit in the space you’re looking to fill? All 5 compressors are light enough to port around, with the range of weight being between 29 to 44 lbs. If you will need to move the compressor around often, the Stealth compressor comes on wheels. The compressors all site electric cord as their power source, so the device itself will have to be fairly close to an outlet in an area where you will need enough space to perform your required operations.

User Ratings

Looking at the ratings themselves, it would appear that the Makita compressor is the better component on the list with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. However, when looking at ratings the number of reviews must be considered when interpreting the rating. With only 946 reviews, the rating is not as true as the Craftsman with 16,673. But, it looks like the Craftsman is tied for the next highest rating at 4.7 out of 5.

The Craftsman compressor has more than double the amount of reviews of the next unit, making it the best rated component of the 5. It also comes in the mid range of price, which could be a reason why more reviews are being submitted, it fits in more people’s budgets and works well.

If your needs only require a 6 gallon air compressor, the Craftsman would be an excellent choice. However, if you need more than that the 20 gallon Stealth would be the next best option. That is unless you have a brand loyalty.

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