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Cherry Tree

Learn how to care for cherries along with its history and classification details.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7
Soil Type: Slightly acidic to neutral
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Annual or Perennial: Perennial, but ground cherries are annual
Type: Tree

History: Sweet cherries originated in Asia Minor in the fertile areas between the Black and Caspian seas and were likely brought to Europe by birds. The Greeks were the first to cultivate cherries and the Romans continued to increase and expand production.

The cherry blossom symbolizes the impermanent nature of life.However, they are also known to symbolize both birth and death, beauty and violence.

How to Care for Cherries

Common questions and details on how to care for cherries.

How do I plant cherries?

Plant cherry trees in a sunny site with good air circulation; avoid planting near larger trees or buildings that will shade the cherries. You can then plant them in a small container with potting soil. Plant two or three pits in each container.

When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant cherries is early spring or late fall.

How do I propagate cherries?

Cherries can be propagated by semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings.

Can I grow cherries in a pot?

Yes, you can grow cherries in a pot.

How much should I water cherry trees?

Cherry trees like to be watered regularly.

How do I care for cherry trees with fertilizer?

Cherry trees prefer to be fertilized infrequently.

When do cherry trees bloom?

Cherry trees bloom early March to early April.

How do I know when cherries are ripe?

Cherries are ripe when their stems pull easily from the tree and the fruit is plump and juicy.

When do I harvest cherries?

You can harvest cherries starting early June through late July.

What is the best way to store cherries?

Store unwashed cherries between layers of paper towels, but if that’s too much work, focus on keeping them dry and cold at a minimum.

Is a cherry a fruit or a vegetable?

Cherries are fruit.

What are the health benefits of the cherry?

Cherries are low in calories and chock full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other good-for-you ingredients. You’ll get vitamins C, A, and K. Each long-stemmed fruit delivers potassium, magnesium, and calcium too. They also bring antioxidants, like beta-carotene, and the essential nutrient choline.

Pork chops with cherry sauce

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Let us find inner freedom in each lucky moment that we encounter, like a sun-basking butterfly that finds peace on a cherry blossom petal.

~Erik Pevernagie

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