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Learn how to care for chrysanthemum along with its history and classification details.

how to care for chrysanthemum

Hardiness Zone: 5-9
Soil Type: Neutral
Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun
Annual or Perennial: Perennial
Type: Flower

History: The chrysanthemum was first cultivated in China as a flowering herb and is described in writings as early as the 15th Century B.C. In fact, their pottery depicted the chrysanthemum much as we know it today. As an herb, it was believed to have the power of life.

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How to Care for Chrysanthemum

Common questions and details on how to care for chrysanthemum.

How do I plant chrysanthemum?

Grow in moist, but well-drained soil with added compost or well-rotted manure in a sunny, sheltered spot.

When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant chrysanthemum is in late spring, after frost danger has passed, typically from mid May to early June.

How do I propagate chrysanthemum?

Immediately remove the lower leaves using a clean cut. Fill pot and plant stem. You will want to maintain humidity around the plant to keep them growing strong.

Can I grow chrysanthemum in a pot?

Yes, you can grow chrysanthemum in a pot.

How much should I water chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum like to be watered consistency throughout the spring, summer and fall.

How do I care for chrysanthemum with fertilizer?

Chrysanthemum prefer to be fertilized frequently.

When do chrysanthemum bloom?

Chrysanthemum will bloom in the summer and fall.

What are the health benefits of the chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum is used to treat chest pain (angina), high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, fever, cold, headache, dizziness, and swelling.

Chrysanthemum Meaning

In the United States, chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being. They are often tied to the arrival of autumn since they are one of the most popular fall flowers.

what does chrysanthemum mean
chrysanthemum tea
Before the white chrysanthemum the scissors hesitate a moment

~Yosa Buson

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