Top 5 Practical Leaf Blower Review

Which Leaf Blower is the Right One for You?

Amazon Top Pick Leaf Blower Review

Looking for a leaf blower, like any other appliance, can be overwhelming. We have collected 5 practical leaf blower reviews and set them side by side to help you make the decision on which one is right for you.

The sun is going down earlier, the winds have turned chilly, and the trees have all started to lose their leaves slowly. Building up dried leaves and dead branches, creating havoc in your space.

I’ve lived in some pretty leafy areas and some less than on point yard care landlords so I do own a leaf blower. Sometimes I don’t mind leaves here and there, but it gets overwhelming and cluttered quickly. I’ve enjoyed being able to pull out the leaf blower and quickly get leaves out of the way. Sadly, it doesn’t take care of picking them up and getting them in the bin. But, it definitely cuts my time in half and leaves me with such a relief when they’re all cleared out and the yard looks pretty.

If you’re in the market for a top leaf blower, there are things you want to look at. The top-rated leaf blowers on Amazon are all electric, both corded and battery powered. Features to be considered in an electric leaf blower review are the following:

  • Corded/gas powered/battery
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Yard requirements
  • Owner ratings

Top Rated Leaf Blowers


leaf blower review

Air speed 110 MPH



4.7/5 (10,123)

Black + Decker

leaf blower review

Air speed 180 MPH



4.6/5 (21,153)

EGO Power +

leaf blower review

Air speed x

Lithium ion battery


4.7/5 (4,314)

Sun Joe SB

leaf blower review

Air speed 155 MPH



4.6/5 (29,180)


leaf blower review

Air speed 150 MPH



4.2/5 (16,039)

Electric Blower Review

Electric Leaf Blowers – Corded vs Battery

All the electric leaf blowers are handheld, and are not backpack leaf blowers. Handheld models are cheaper, and have less power than backpack leaf blowers.

My leaf blower is corded, and I do the loop around so the plug won’t get pulled out, but it still does. I don’t need the power and price tag of a gas machine and having it on my back so I have a few options to look at. Technology hasn’t caught up on power in leaf blowers. The blowers powered by batter have less power than corded or gas machines. But, can you mind your corded machine better than I can? Odds are good. 7

With batteries you are limited on run time. Depending on how much surface area and quantity of leaves and the like will command the type of power and duration you’ll need. The one thing that is nice about corded machines, you never find yourself without full power. We’ve all been there with a not charged, or not so charged battery. You will also need an extension cord in most instances to cover the area you’re clearing.

Air Speed

You want a nice amount of speed to get the job done. This is going to hit the time you spend doing the job. For the most part, most blowers will go over 100 mph. From there you’re looking at how many speeds you can use on your machine. The higher the speed, the less control you have over what you’re doing. It’s nice to have various speeds if you’re in a delicate bit of the yard. Your flower’s roots are going to appreciate not getting yanked at.


Leaf blowers are coming in various price ranges. Based on the top 5 on Amazon – which is based on positive ratings, number of reviews, and price – you can get a nice little leaf blower for around $20. I’m usually a little weary of machinery that cheap, but 30 k people have enjoyed this blower. It has the second best rating of the 5, to be fair first is tied as is second.

The Greenworks leaf blower has the lowest rating, but is a very popular brand.

Owner Ratings

As you can see in the chart 4 out of the 5 machines have over 10k ratings. We looked around and it’s true, there aren’t many leaf blowers that have so much support in their ratings. While the Ego Power is tied for the highest rating, it comes in with only 4k people to support that product, leaving a lot of room for that rating to drop by potential buyers.

I admit I am surprised that the best rated option is also the cheapest, and under $20 at that. I can’t leave the house without spending $50.

Thanks for taking a look at our leaf blower review. If you’re looking for other appliance reviews check out what we’ve got ready for you.

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