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‘Tis the season to get festive! Hanging the best Christmas tree lights is a wonderful way to bring out the holiday spirit and lend some sparkle to the cold winter season. With so many different lights to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to purchase for your home. Here’s a list of the best lights on the market to get you started.

What are the Best White Lights

612 Vermont Clear Christmas Lights

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • UL approved for outdoor use
  • 11 ft strings of 50 lights, or 20 ft strings of 100 lights
  • Includes two replacement bulbs, a replacement fuse, and two flasher bulbs

If you love a warm, incandescent glow and an affordable price point, these lights fit the bill. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the 612 Vermont 100 Clear Christmas lights come in 11 ft strings of 50 lights and 20 ft strings of 100 lights. The bulbs are spaced 2.2 inches apart and mounted on a matching white wire. Included with the purchase are two replacement bulbs, a replacement fuse, and two flasher bulbs that can convert the entire string to flashing.

christmas tree light product review
best christmas tree lights

What are the Best Multi-Colored Lights

Pretext Multi Color Christmas Lights

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • 19.6 ft string of 100 lights
  • Waterproof
  • Includes two replacement bulbs, two replacement fuses, and two flasher bulbs

These festive, colorful lights are perfect for the Christmas tree or yard. Their classic green cord blends in with the tree or bushes, with end-to-end connections that can support up to six strings, making them perfect for outdoor lighting. Each string comes with two replacement bulbs, two replacement fuses, and two flasher bulbs to keep your lights going strong throughout the season.

What are the Best Solar Lights

Sanjicha Solar String Lights

  • LED lights
  • Two 72 ft strings of 200 lights each
  • Features an IP65 protection rating-designed to withstand rain, sleet, and sand
  • Includes two solar panels

These beautiful solar powered fairy lights are a great way to conserve energy and avoid hefty electric bills. Not to mention, they are a great value! A combo pack comes with two 72 ft strands of fairy lights with two solar panels for a total of 400 lights. The miniature lights are connected to copper wire, and have a tasteful, understated look.

best tree lights outdoor solar lights
best christmas tree lights

What are the Best Tech Lights

Twinkly Multicolor LED App Controlled String Lights

  • LED lights
  • Available in
    • 26 ft string of 100 lights
    • 66 ft string of 250 lights
    • 105 ft string of 400 lights
    • 157.5 ft string of 600 lights
  • Programmable to a variety of colors, effects, and gradients
  • App can program up to 4,000 lights

If you’re going for wow-factor this Christmas, Twinkly’s app-controlled, multi-functional lights are the way to go. You have creative control here and can create a memorable display both inside and outside of the house. These lights are more of an investment than the classic plug-and-go versions, but the possibilities are endless.

What are the Most Durable Lights


  • LED Lights
  • 66 ft strings of 200 lights
  • 8 different modes
  • Certified for outdoor use with oxidation and freeze resistant design

Snow, ice, and heavy rain are no match for these LED lights. With IP44 waterproof certification, these Christmas lights are well suited for harsh winters. Available in a wide variety of colors, these have 8 different settings for you to play with. Also featured is a timing function that automatically turns the lights on for 6 hours, and off for 18 hours.

best christmas tree lights

These are the best of the most popular types of Christmas lights, and there is so much more on the market. Whether it’s LED, incandescent, solar, or the latest in tech innovation that gets you in the spirit, there’s something for everyone here. Have fun, express yourself, and make it a beautiful Christmas!

Best Christmas tree lights
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